Limited 7" vinyl pressing of 300 records.

In 1984 the TASCAM 234 Syncaset was advertised by it’s manufacturer as “The World’s First Professional 4-Track Machine”. 5 years later I had one in my home studio. As a scratch dj using the multi-track recorder made it possible for me to create mega mixes. I began to borrow equipment and used a BOSS Analog Delay Pedal to make loops and trigger samples. When emcees started showing up I upgraded the studio with an ENSONIQ EPS keyboard sampler. After months of making demos it was time to re-record some of them in real studios. The first demo that made the cut was Asphalt Poetry’s “Harmagedion” ep. I wanted to release it on vinyl so in 1993 Asphalt Records was formed.. The Syncaset was my tool of the trade for recording demos until I sold it in 1997. I’ve recently gone through those old tapes and found some worthy of pressing up. Now to celebrate these recordings and honour the TASCAM 234 I have created a series called “Syncaset Demos”. If the first 7” SINGLE (ASP0009) does well there will be more to follow.


-Imperial A.K.A. DJ Coolie Bee